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What's New, July 26th:
Welcome to the XH Series Watchdog, the most complete internet resource for information about Canon's new 1080i HD cameras, the XH A1 and XH G1. The XH Series is the latest addition to Canon's growing line of High Definition video camcorders. The XH A1 and XH G1 will ship in October and November 2006 and will sell for USD$4,000 and USD$7,000 respectively (the price difference reflects one model with, and one model without HD-SDI, GenLock and TimeCode jacks). These nearly identical camcorders incorporate much of the technology of the larger XL H1 into a small, portable all-in-one camcorder body design. Their top five features are:

  • 1.485 Gbps uncompressed HD-SDI output (XH G1 only)

  • GenLock input and Time Code input /output (XH G1 only)

  • 3 x 1.67mp CCDs (1/3rd-inch, 1440 x 1080, same as XL H1)

  • Digic DV II processor supporting 30fps & 24fps (same as XL H1)

  • built-in 20x HD OIS lens with new "Instant AF" autofocus system

Is this the XH A1 or XH G1? Hard to say, they're identical from this point of view.
Is this the XH A1 or XH G1? Hard to say, from this view they're identical.

Some additional important features of the G1 and A1 include:

  • Audio and Time Code embedded in SDI output (XH G1 only)

  • 23 custom preset image adjustment parameters

  • SD card slot for photos, custom presets and cam settings

  • Customizable menu displays and function buttons

  • End-user upgrade option to 60i/50i switching

  • CCU-style remote control software option via FireWire

  • Manual iris control ring on lens plus two ND filters

  • Two XLR audio inputs, mic / line level switchable

  • Optionally available .8x HD wide angle adapter

The Canon XH A1 and XH G1... can you tell which is which?
The Canon XH A1 and XH G1... can you tell which is which? Look for a clue on the right edge of the camera on the right. That's the XH G1.

So for now, if you're interested... here's some further reading:

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